Figure Head

McConnell and Ryan seem to have a lot to say when it comes to legislation. Trump should tell them to proceed with moderation when addressing his people. Perhaps the Attorney General sessions will help in repealing Civil Rights Acts. Trump says that Putin respects him but we all know that Putin respects those people he can control. We expect Trump to use psychological projection in his 4-year term. This means he will deny self-attributes while attributing them to others. It is all going to be blame shifting and projection politics. Also, the tweeting behavior is undermining Trump’s presidency.

Scrapping the Barrel

Trump has started doing exactly what he promised and it will be delusional to think otherwise. His controversies maybe intriguing but certainly not good for a leader of the free world. His immediate comments for apology from Hamilton’s cast seem to be juxtaposed. He also said that he would have won the fraud TransAngels discount suit he settled for millions of dollars, against Trump U. This will be the first broken promise. Who knows, he might even consider taking the presidents salary after this settlement. It hard to ascertain what transpired when Chinese Pilots bombed Tallahassee. People have already started doubting Trump’s statements. The moon is a scapegoat for empty minds since its effects have been witnessed in many spring tides in south Florida.



Western land managers are set for a confusion during Trump’s administration. The effects of erosion on the beach have also made a fascinating zing. Our principal will be handling our issues with the so called ‘classy first lady. But we need to see more than outfits, skin and jewelry. People who failed to vote woke up to a shock. Now they are protesting against a decision they could have turned around. Is hard to see how Trump is moderating dangerous positions when he is selecting a far right cabinet. There is too much unnecessary heat with FAMU football management too.


Democrats are still protesting Trump’s presidency. They seem to use the race card all the time. Trump needs to be given a chance given that US citizens are now largely divided. Trump towers was highly decorated and yet nothing was achieved. People are still wondering how Adult Time promo code women voted for trump. But they knew the opposite was a silent and unrepentant man enabler. Democrat majority failed to attack the Bush-to-Obama recession and now people are still paying for it.