The Early Show of Trump’s Presidency

The outgoing president seems to be undermining America’s Medal of freedom. In any case we don’t expect him to support any republican ideology. But its done now republicans will be taking the wheel. Presidency is a very tough job with all those fingers being pointed at you. This has encouraged nepotism which is still rampant till today. Trump’s America if full of speculations having voted for the lesser evil. It was very sad to find out that voters had to settle for a better option than voting in a quality leader.

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New Wagon

We have enjoyed 8 years of Obama’s presidency when it comes to scandals. There was not even a hint and now within a few weeks, Donald has to settle three cases of fraud. US citizens have to expect anything given Trump’s judgment which is very questionable. His electoral victory was designed by party loyalists and people who wanted Hillary to fall. They claim that Hillary is corrupt without looking carefully in the mirror.

Speculative Administration

People are eagerly waiting for the Tallahasse’s annual legislative structuring. Department of Education is expected to be handled by Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman. Why not appoint an ignorant person, zing. We still have to find out the amount of Solix’s Florida take that is returned silently to the state GOP leadership. It is highly expected for Trump to appoint Romney just like Obama appointed Hillary Clinton secretary of state. This is in the effort of preventing your main rival from running against you in the next election. Dan Quayle, “the potato man” will make a fine Secretary of Agriculture. Another fascinating appointment will be Sarah Palin as secretary of state.

Curtains Down

Using pot is a federal crime and no user will be allowed to carry, possess, or own a firearm. This will happen by 16th January regardless of FL’s medical pot amendment. There was no bomb bay for the fighter planes that are mentioned in the story. These planes carried rockets on the wings. Here, one could fall if the mechanism failed to release during a training session or an emergency. It’s hard to believe that much will change during Trump’s presidency especially after he appointed a senator who has served as Attorney General for thirty years.